News | 5/31/2013 at 6:17 AM

Get a Glimpse of a Fresh Faced Flash: Young Justice Trailer

Ain't they cute

We were all young once, nowadays we have bad backs and no energy, but I remember a day when we flew through the air, ran as fast as the wind and talked to squids.  Wait a second; these aren't my memories, but those of Young Justice: Legacy, the upcoming 3 player co-op game coming to PC, XBLA and PSN.  The new trailer shows off the DC young bucks during gameplay.

Young Justice was originally planned for February of this year, but as you can tell by looking at the date, it slipped.  Based on the Cartoon Network show, Young Justice sees you stepping into the tights of some of DC's best loved heroes (and Aquaman) as they struggle through those spotty, hormone heightened years.

Thankfully, the game appears to have more to do with special attacks and hitting enemies than Superboy bashfully glancing over at Wonder Girl. To see for yourself, check out the trailer: