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Beyond Co-Op - July 7th through July 13th, 2013

A shocking event in the game industry this week.

Welcome to another edition of Beyond Co-Op, the weekly news round-up where we look at the gaming news around the industry that may or may not necessarily relate to cooperative gaming. It was a fairly quiet week as many gear up for the next Xbox announcement this coming week and E3 a few weeks away - still there's a few tidbits worth mentioning.

- Giant Bomb's Ryan Davis passes away at 34
- Deep Silver distributing, not publishing, Wasteland 2
- Street Pass gets Gaming Updates on 3DS
- Double Fine needs more funding for Broken Age


Giant Bomb's Ryan Davis passes away at 34

Sad news today as Giant Bomb lost one of its staff members at a way too you age. Ryan Davis, one of the site's cofounders and prominent video personalities died just a week and a half after getting married at the age of 34. Just how he passed wasn't disclosed.

Source: Giant Bomb


Deep Silver distributing, not publishing, Wasteland 2

Deep Silver is quickly becoming a major player in the video game industry after several successful titles like Dead Island and Dead Island 2, they purchased Volition (developers of Saints Row) as well as the rights to the Metro series. Now comes word that they've picked up distribution rights to the upcoming kickstarted Wasteland 2 by Brian Fargo's inXile. It should be noted this distribution is only for the PHYSICAL version of the game and those that backed it on Kickstarter to record numbers will still get their digital versions.

Source: Colony of Gamers


Street Pass gets Gaming Updates on 3DS

If you've ever gone to an industry event like the Penny Arcade Expo or Comic-Con you know that using the Nintendo 3DS's Street Pass feature is an extremely addicting meta-game for the system. Simply by walking by other people with their 3DS systems in their pocket and bags you'll magically get their Mii and possibly other goodies added to your 3DS. Once there there's several mini games like an RPG, a Puzzle Game, and a game where you try to get one of every country/region in the world. 

Nintendo has added some premium titles to the mix now. Mii ForceFlower Town,Warrior's Way and Monster Manor are available for purchase within the Mii Plaza for $4.99 or with a bundle of all four games priced at $14.99.

    Double Fine needs more funding for Broken Age

Double Fine's Broken Age is arguably one of the most important games of this generation and it isn't even out yet. Why? It's the game that started the "Kickstarter Revolution" bringing in well over a three million dollars when it was only shooting for $400k. With such a large increase over the initial goal one would hope the game would easily achieve it's design goals, but such is not the case.

Basically what happened is the influx of cash allowed Double Fine to create an even bigger and better game, but somewhere along the way things got lost and the money dried up. So in an effort to get the game out the door and also bring in more funding, Double Fine is putting the game up on Steam's early access program. If you were a backer, nothing has changed, other than having to wait for part 2 of the game to release.

Source: Colony of Gamers