News | 1/16/2015 at 9:37 AM

Get that Tingle Feeling with the Hyrule Warriors: Majora's Mask DLC

Tingle, tingle, tingle

There is nothing I enjoy more than dressing up in all in one green spandex; so this has made me a big fan of Tingle in Majora's Mask.  Thankfully, the new DLC for Hyrule Warriors will allow me to fight as the be-spandexed hero and more.

The Majora's Mask DLC is the third piece of additional content for the game and will contain new characters from the classic N64 title.  As well as Tingle, you will get to play as Young Link and wear several different costumes.  The pack also comes with an additional adventure map that up to two local players can prance around in.

The DLC was originally due for release in January, but you cannot hurry perfection.  Therefore, you will have to wait until February to get your Tingle on - lucky you.