News | 2/17/2009 at 9:51 AM

Legendary Car Pack Pricing is Legendary in Burnout Paradise

You ALMOST had us Criterion.  You added totally awesome cars are premium DLC to your 8 player co-op title Burnout Paradise.  And what did you go and do?  You priced the best car in the pack double that of the others.  That's right, you'll be dropping $4 on your mock-DeLorean car in Burnout.  I'd honestly be willing to pay it if these were actual license vehicles, instead of knock off cars.  

The rest of the cars; Hunter Manhattan Spirit (Ghostbusters), Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger (GeneralLee), Carson GT Nighthawk (Kitt) are all priced at $1.99 each.  Thankfully you can get the whole pack of cars for a discounted $7.99.  

I'm also curious how this will work in co-op.  Will you only be able to use your high price ride with other players who own the same content?  

So what do the Co-Optination think?  Worth the price of a map pack to relive our child hood youth for a few hours in Paradise City?