Is That a Sackboy in Your Pocket? LittleBigPlanet for PSP Coming This Year

2/26/2009 at 9:15 AM

LittleBigPlanet for PSP been rumored for a while, but now it's official.  The cutest little mascot Sony's ever had is definitely heading toward the Playstation Portable.  No official release date has been announced other than "before the end of the year".    Sounds like another fall release to me; didn't they learn from their previous mistake?  LBP for PSP (just rolls off the tongue) will be chock full of new content and levels, not just a port.  You'll be able to play, create, and share on the go.

I'm not a big fan of the PSP, but with titles like this one, and the new Phantasy Star game, I may be changing my mind.  Sackboy's game seems like a good fit for a portable system.  Creating levels while on long trips will make the time fly by, I am sure.  Speculation has begun as to connectivity with the PS3 version of LBP.  We'll keep you posted as more news becomes available!