News | 9/20/2016 at 9:34 PM

Find Xbox 360 Co-Op Games that Are Xbox One Backwards Compatible

It's why we are here.

This is going to be short and simple. Are you looking to see which Xbox 360 games  will work on the Xbox One for some glorious couch or online co-op action? Are you rooting through your bins of old games saying - gosh darn it - which ones of these can I play with little Sally on our shiny new Xbox One? Then we've got the tool just for you.

Just head on over to our Xbox 360 Co-Op Game Search page and look on the left. You'll see a filter that says "Xbox One Compatible." Simply give it a click and filter your results. Next steps is simply plugging in that game to your Xbox One or downloading it in your already existing library!  Score.

If you're just browsing our games pages, you'll see it listed under the "Extra Features" for the game - it'll mention "Xbox One Compatible." Thanks for visiting Co-Optimus!