News | 3/12/2009 at 8:06 AM

Resident Evil 5 Offers Unlockable Outfits, Sheva is Missing Most of Hers

With Resident Evil 5 on the horizon, you might be wondering what goodies lie under the hood of the two player co-op survival horror game.  The game has actually been out in Japan for almost two weeks now, so players are knee deep in rancid infected corpses.  Their hard work has paid off though, in the form of unlockable costumes and other goodies.

During Act 3 of the game Chris and Sheva encounter some indigenous African tribes, complete with head gear and bone necklaces.  One unlockable costume for Chris Redfield's sexy partner Sheva allows her to fit right in with this setting.  Donning a leopard print bikini top and a colorful napkin for a bottom - Sheva pulls off that "I'm ready for a wild night" or "I'm gonna jump out of a hut and slice your throat" look.  Perhaps it's the body paint, but I'm going with a bit of column A and column B.

This should create a lot of interesting scenarios during your co-op session of Resident Evil 5.