News | 7/13/2017 at 8:36 AM

No Need to Wait a Fortnight for the Fortnite Cinematic Launch Trailer

Pun intended!

It sometimes feels in games that you can't move for the undead, but when they are given the cool look seen in the upcoming Fortnite, we can forgive Epic Games this one time.  Due out on the 25th July, the new Cinematic Launch Trailer highlights how fun this 4 player online co-op game looks.

Fortnite is due out on PS4, Xbox One and PC and is shooter game with a difference; before facing the hordes you need to build your defenses.  How you prepare and work together as a team can make the difference between survival and being zombie chow.

Strange things are afoot at the DurrBurger. Assemble the squad and get ready for the launch of Fortnite with the cinematic short. 

Fortnite is the Action Building game from Epic Games coming to Xbox One in paid Early Access on July 25. Pre-order a Founder’s Pack to get a four-day head start beginning on July 21 along with the Storm Master Weapon Pack!