NCAA 2010 Features Co-Op Too, But the Achievements Aren't

6/26/2009 at 10:31 PM

EA Sports has made a big deal about Madden NFL 2010's new online co-op mode.  It appears though that EA's other big football game this year will also feature cooperative play, at least if the official achievement list is anything to go by. has gotten a hold of NCAA 2010's achievements and according to most of them - well according to most of them you can't get them in the game's co-op mode. 

Jar the ball loose with a User-Controlled Hit Stick tackle (excludes co-op).

In fact we count over half of the achievements are tagged with an "(excludes co-op)" description.  The really sad part?  There doesn't seem to be any co-op specific achievements.  Ah well, perhaps next year.