See Borderlands Gameplay In Developer Interview

7/13/2009 at 4:28 PM

The more we hear about Borderlands, the more we want it. This time, we get a peak into the gameplay! Games.on.Net interviewed Gearbox about many elements of the game, while showing some very interesting gameplay footage at the same time.

To quote the opening animation:

"You won't last long here, not without help."

Gearbox talks about the 4 player co-op in game, including different class "trees" that will help one another out really well. They're as excited about online and offline co-op as we are, especially the part where your character goes wherever you go. Level building offline? No problem. Bring your local 2 player co-op session online with 2 online friends? Go for it! Borderlands is shaping up to be the most anticipated co-op game this year, check it out!