News | 8/11/2009 at 1:26 PM

Sacred 2: Ice and Blood Announced with Screens, Trailer and Info

We really enjoyed Sacred 2: Fallen Angel last year on the PC and earlier this year on the consoles.  Despite the fact the game's developer, Ascaron, has gone belly up - sales were solid enough to warrant an expansion pack called Ice and Blood.

The expansion pack will add the Dragon Mage character as well as two brand new areas in the world of Sacred 2 to explore.  Those areas come complete with brand new quests and items to complete and unlock.  The new items are for all existing characters as well as the new Dragon Mage character.  Of course all of the content will be available in the game's four player cooperative mode as well.

The add-on is currently only going to be available for the PC version of the game and will be available via download or at retail stores.  Look for it before the end of the year.