Video | 10/15/2009 at 9:57 AM

Tekken 6 Fighting for Panties, Bikinis, Curling Irons and Shoes

Tekken 6's viral campaign, What Will You Fight For, has taken an interesting and titillating turn.  While the first video was a bit more philosophical, the 2nd video is a bit more, shall we say - visual?

The second video to follows the style of the first, and is based on the Tekken characters: Nina Williams & Anna Williams, Christie Monteiro,  Ling Xiaoyou.  Apparently the women of Tekken fight for curling irons, red shoes, and panty shots.  Who knew?

Along with this Namco has launched Tekken Talk - which is a unique combination of Twitter and a fighting game.  

What will we fight for?  How about co-op ASAP.  Since it seems to have been cut from the game at launch and instead replaced by a free patch to be released later.  For now enjoy the latest viral video as well as the three launch trailers.  Be warned the first video is semi NSFW.