Uncharted 2 Offers Double the Cash in Multiplayer This Weekend

10/30/2009 at 3:25 PM

Not to be outdone by Gears of War 2, the boys at Naughty Dog are having their own double weekend in Uncharted 2 - but instead of double the experience they are giving out CASH!  Money!  MOOOLAH!  Ok, so it's only in game money, but it sounds better than XP, no?

Be on the lookout for Naughty Dog devs playing as well, they'll be denoted with a little paw icon next to their tag.  Also, watch out for those evil red eyed skeleton things - we aren't quite sure what they are - but I bet they are made of bags of cash.

 You'll get 2x the money per round and per checkpoint bringing you more bags of cash than you can carry.  Bring a wheel barrow, tell a friend, lock the doors.  Big money!  Big prizes!  I LOVE IT!