Resident Evil 5 DLC "Desperate Escape" Available Now, Gold Edition Next Week

3/3/2010 at 2:39 PM

Round two of the Resident Evil 5 DLC has been released today. This chapter of the Resident Evil 5 addition takes you through Jills survival after Chris rescues her from the clutches of Wesker in the main storyline. You'll play as Jill and Josh to see exactly how Josh assists in her continuation of the storyline and it's bound to be a tense time. The DLC is titled "Desperate Escape," and is available on Xbox LIVE for 400 or the PSN for $5. This pack will also include additional characters and outfits for Mercenaries mode, which is also delectably co-op.

For those that haven't enjoyed the full game, the gold edition is right on the horizon.

"Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, available March 9 for only $49.99, will include the original Resident Evil 5 game plus all downloadable content on a single Blu-Ray disk for PS3. For the Xbox 360, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition includes the original Resident Evil 5 plus a token for all downloadable content."