Brink Developers talk Beta, Confirm Lack of Split Screen

5/31/2010 at 11:18 AM

In a recently published interview made by, Splash Damage Creative Director, Richard Ham and Lead Game Designer, Neil Alphonso, answer the questions asked by the community.  Like any good game these days, players are yearning for a beta - so is that something Brink is going to have?

The release of a Beta for Brink is something that is still being discussed, but no decision has been made one way or the other at this stage.

Quite the definitive maybe - which most likely means we won't see it.  Among other things they discuss their game engine of choice, competitive clan features along with how deployables in Brink work. They do, however also confirm Brink will not be supporting split screen play which seem to go against their otherwise heavy co-op supported game idea.

Thanks Martin for the tip!