Screens | 9/8/2010 at 3:05 PM

New Gears of War 3 Screens are as Beautiful as they are Deadly

We just got a fresh batch of screenshots of Gears of War 3 that showcase the game's beautiful graphics and gritty violence.  Not only that we get a glimpse at a full cast of characters - including a new female COG in addition to Anya - though we don't know her name yet.  

Other shots showcase landscapes with beautiful lighting, while others still highlight the ooey gooey blood that erupts from the chests of your enemy when it comes in contact with the chainsaw on your lancer.  Epic has really pushed the Xbox 360 hardware to the limits and these shots are proof.  While we'll probably never see the game look like them in motion, it makes for some decent eye candy and desktop wallpaper!