Screens | 12/10/2010 at 9:45 AM

Corrected: X-Men Arcade Release Info, Screenshots and Pricing Revealed

Earlier this week we told you that X-Men Arcade, Konami's re-release of the classic title featuring 6-player online co-op, would be an Xbox Live Arcade exclusive for two months.  But it seems that's not entirely true, as Konami has confirmed to Joystiq the game is releasing next week on the 14th for the PlayStation Network and on the 15th on Xbox Live Arcade.  

The original source of information came from a European outlet and Konami US was unable to confirm if the game features that two month exclusivity deal there.  We'll update the story if further information gets out about when and where you can play the game.

X-Men Arcade will cost $10 or 800  .  The PSN versions features up to 6 players in local co-op while the XBLA version will feature 4.  Both versions contain 6 player online co-op and you can mix and match groups of players both locally and online.    

If you forgot the goodness that is X-Men Arcade, I invite you to watch our Co-Op Classics series on it in both article and video form.