Crackdown 2 DLC is 50% Off, Full Game Available On Demand

1/6/2011 at 7:07 PM

Sometime over the holidays we missed Microsoft posting Crackdown 2 onto the Xbox Live Games on Demand.  The four player co-op title features campaign co-op throughout - its a game with did quite the in depth review of - and for the most part - enjoyed what we got out of it.  Its currently priced at $29.99 which, surprisingly, is the price it goes for at retail.  This bucks the trend of digital releases on Xbox Live that seem to be priced higher than their retail counterparts.  

The two premium content packs for the game are currently on sale for a limited time for 50% off - both set at 280 .  Toy Box is the first piece of DLC which features jet pack shoes, new vehicles and a host of other tweaks.  Deluge is a four player co-op survival mode which we enjoyed way more than we should have.  Get it while you can Agents, because the deals on the DLC won't last long.