Video | 2/2/2011 at 6:48 PM

New Darkspore Videos Display Co-Op Character Abilities

Last week we brought you a video showing off the new Hero Editor for the multiplayer Spore spin-off, Darkspore.  Today we have two new "Hero Spotlight"  videos focusing on character abilities and co-op. These new videos showcase Zrin and Andromeda, and their special moves are put on display.  Both have move sets that are specifically designed for co-op play.  

With Spore-inspired character creation and Diablo-esque combat and looting, Darkspore is one to watch in the months ahead.  We won't have to wait too long for the title, as Darkspore is scheduled for a March 29th release.  The game supports four player online co-op and is available on the PC.