Video | 5/12/2011 at 4:24 PM

New Developer Diary Video for Operation Flashpoint: Red River

Operation Flashpoint: Red River is almost upon us.  Okay, if you're in Europe it's already here.  Nuts to you!  In this latest developer diary the good folks at Codemasters discuss the new command wheel used for giving orders, the graphical details of bombs and getting shot, and a host of other things.  They manage to do all this while sitting in some sort of dilapidated warehouse.  Man, I thought my work space was bad.  The game is supposed to be an incredibly realistic military shooter, which is just a fancy way to say that bullets killify everything real good.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River will be out on June 7.  It supports 4 player online co-op.  Do these guys a favor and pick up a copy.  Then maybe they can move into a real office.