Video | 6/16/2011 at 9:55 AM

The Adventures of Shuggy Hits XBLA with 36 Co-Op Levels

The Adventures of Shuggy was just released on Xbox Live Arcade and the indie-ish looking title, developed by Smudge Cat Games, looks like a charming puzzle platformer.  Shuggy is a little vampire who has just been given the deed to his Grandmother's mansion only to find it's filled with bad guys and traps.

The single player features over 100 levels of play and players must utilize items like ropes and gears, change their size, and alter time to complete each level.  The game also includes 36 cooperative levels to play with a friend on the couch.  There's no online co-op but the game has an online versus mode.  

The trailer should give you a pretty good idea of what The Adventures of Shuggy  is all about.  It's out now for 800 .