News | 6/23/2011 at 6:59 AM

Move Over Farmville - Co-op Farm Machines Championships is Ploughing Through

I've got a brand new Combine Harvester

One of Co-Optimus' main aims is to be an inclusive website and encourage new gamers to join us.  One group that is particularly unrepresented is the farm machinery enthusiast (you know who you are).  Well great news for all those Farmer Giles wannabes out there as Farm Machines Championships has been announced for both PC and 360, due for release later this year.  The game will have 12 tractors and 8 harvesters to use over 4 large maps.  Who will be crowned the greatest farmer since Old MacDonald lost his farm? (Ee i ee i oh)

Developers Play Way promise that there will be a co-op mode, but actual details are currently pretty fallow.  The rumors of a co-op mini game involving both players chasing ramblers off their land have yet to be founded.  No matter what you may think of a farming game on PC and 360, the simulation genre has been a stalwart of gaming for decades and titles can sell in their hundreds of thousands.  Why not check out our gallery for more sexy shots of ultimate farming machinery?