Resistance 3 Gamescom Trailer is All Gumdrops and Rainbows (Not Really)

8/16/2011 at 5:59 PM

This trailer will suck the color out of you hopes and dreams.

Here's a nice and cheery Resistance 3 video to brighten up your day.  Especially if you're into the whole "young woman ruminating upon her own death" thing.  If not, it's pretty damn bleak.  There's a nice flavor of wasted helplessness mixed in with a minimalist black, red, and white color scheme.  You get the idea.  Almost any still from this video would be right at home on the cover of an old 60's sci-fi book.  

Resistance 3 will be out on September 6th, exclusively on the PlayStation 3.  It supports 2 player online and local co-op.