News | 9/5/2011 at 4:08 PM

Battlefield 3 to Require Two Discs on Xbox 360

Na-Na-Boo-Boo! Your console sucks!

In "my console is better than yours" news, the Xbox 360 will need to use two discs to handle all of the military meatiness that is Battlefield 3.  The PlayStation 3 will require only one Blu-ray disc.  This comes from a picture that is incredibly Japanese, but I'm willing to trust things I read on the internet.

In other news, PlayStation 3 owners are just a little fatter than Xbox 360 owners.  Experts* believe this is due to the fact that PS3 gamers don't have to get off their couches as much as Xbox 360 players.

*No experts were harmed (or consulted) in the making of this post.