News | 4/22/2012 at 9:08 AM

Beyond Co-Op Reviews - April 2012: Silent Hill Downpour, Street Fighter X Tekken and more!

As we come closer to the end of April, the staff has posted another batch of Beyond Co-Op Reviews in our user blogs section.  This month we have a wide variety of titles to look at, from the small and downloadable Wizorb, to the franchise mash up of Street Fighter X Tekken.  We also have a review of Army Corps of Hell listed here because we haven't been able to check out the game's co-op mode properly yet.  Here's the full list of our reviews this month.

Wizorb (PC, XBLIG)
Street Fighter X Tekken (360, PS3)
FIFA Soccer (VITA)
Silent Hill Downpour (360, PS3)
Army Corps of Hell (VITA) [Single Player Only] Widgets