News | 5/18/2012 at 6:30 PM

New Heroes of Ruin Trailer Covers the Co-Op Basics


Heroes of Ruin is an upcoming hack-and-slash, action RPG for the Nintendo 3DS. It features a fantasy setting, four player drop in/drop out co-op, voice chat, and a half-lion, half-man character class. Neat! The latest trailer covers all of the co-op features nicely. It's almost as if the game was made with four player co-op in mind...

I may have to dust off my 3DS for this one. Once we get our hands on a copy we'll explore the more subtle nuances of co-op, like how the game distributes loot and XP, and how it saves story progression with multiple characters. Heroes of Ruin will launch on July 17th, exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.