Hey Mickey, Your So Fine, Your So Fine, In This Wasteland Trailer

11/5/2012 at 5:28 AM

Watch Mickey and Oswald reconstruct the Disney Wasteland

It would appear that Borderlands 2 is not the only game coming out in 2012 that features a wasteland.  Whilst Gearbox's game has you destroying everything around you creating more waste, the upcoming Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two gives you the chance to work with a friend and rebuild.  Boo hiss - naughty Borderlands 2.  Check out the latest video to see a mouse and a rabbit combine.

Epic Mickey 2 is out on 18th November and has 2 player local co-op.  Mickey and Oswald must use their magic paintbrushes to solve puzzles, many of which can be done by rebuilding the world, or destroying it.  The latest video gives some of the best indication yet as to how the co-op will work.  There are a couple of snippets that suggest this will be a true co-op game were both player need to work together to progress, rather than just a case of 2 players running around the same space.