BattleBlock Theater Code Giveaway!

4/3/2013 at 10:00 PM

Squares. Polygons. Triangles. FIGHT!

The kind folks over at the Behemoth have sent over 10 codes for their recently released co-op platformer, BattleBlock Theater. It's a game we've been watching anxiously for quite some time and saw it evolve over a few years. Now out exclusively for Xbox Live Arcade you and a friend can team up as "prisoners" forced to perform on stage in a variety of platforming and puzzles. You can also find some characters from your other favorite Behemoth game.

While the game is all about co-op play - you may find you have to "sacrifice" your co-op partner to get a gem or cross a gap. Don't worry though, they'll respawn, it's all for the good of the game. Also the game has basketball - boom shaka laka. Right, where was I?  Oh right - you probably want to win a copy.  Click the button below, enter your info once a day until the contest ends on Friday, April 5th at Midnight EDT.