Editorial | 6/3/2012 at 10:47 PM

Co-Op Classics Video Edition: Progear and Rohgha Armor Force

A Cave masterpiece and a mech-lover's paradise

We've got two great examples of Co-Op Classics for you once again, in glorious video form. Both of today's games are shoot em ups, so there are plenty of bullets to dodge and fire buttons to mash. The first is one of the most beautifully rendered games, with an unusual setting, that I've ever seen. The second is very different from other genre classics, including a heavy amount of customization. Progear and Rohgah Armor Force are headed your way.


Developed in 2001, this arcade title might be pushing it when it comes to calling it a classic. However, after just a few moments spent playing it, it's clear that Progear is something special. The hand-drawn graphics are breathtaking, and the biplanes with a choice of both pilots and gunners, are definitely unusual. The difficulty and sheer spectacle of the entire game truly make Progear, despite the generic name, a very memorable shooter.

Rohgah Armor Force

Haling from the height of the shmup era, way back in 1991, comes this mech-based shmup. Four seperate and wildly different mechs are available to use, but the real fun comes in creating your own machine from several custom parts. Another neat tidbit is what happens when the mech is destroyed; the pilot, with a jetpack and tiny gun, keeps on going alone! The custom mechs and brave pilots really seperate Rohgah Armor Force apart in the shoot em up crowd.