Co-Op Classics Video Edition: Vendetta and Fire Truck

9/26/2010 at 8:03 PM

Today, we go back to the vault to revisit a pair of Co-Op Classics.  This time, we take a look at them in video form.  Vendetta and Fire Truck are about as different as you can get.  The former pretty much screams early 1990s, from the side scrolling brawling to the over-the-top violence and what we'd now call "sensual elements".  Black and white era Fire Truck, on the other hand, is squeaky clean, and hasn't aged nearly as well, though it occupies an important place in the history of cooperative gaming.


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Vendetta is a guilty pleasure of mine.  It has it all: blatant ripoffs of 80s tough guys as player characters, a huge array of wicked weaponry, a "chick" to rescue from gang of brutes, bosses wielding buzzsaws and giant anchors, attack dogs, innocent strippers, and leather clad "ladies of ill repute" armed with whips.  Not politically correct at all, but still a fantastic game to enjoy with a friend or three.


Fire Truck

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The oldest game in our database is this 1978 classic.  It is very likely the earliest example of cooperative gameplay as we define it here at Co-Optimus.  Simple, as were it's early Golden Age peers, Fire Truck lets two players team up to drive a fire engine; one controls the gas and front, the other controls the back end.  Players attempt to get as far as they can before fuel runs out, scoring points in the hopes of the getting the coveted "Ace" rating.