Co-Op Classics Video Edition: Rampage and Twin Cobra

3/20/2011 at 12:43 AM

This week, we will head back in time almost a quarter of a century, and take a look at two classic arcade games featuring cooperative gameplay.  The first game, Rampage, is certainly the best known of the two, with it's cartoony monsters and memorable city-smashing action.  Twin Cobra, while less famous, is still a solid shoot em up and definitely worth a look.  Check out both of these totally rad games in video form!


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As a fan of giant monster movies from a very young age, I absolutely fell in love with Rampage the first time I played it.  Each time I went roller skating, I ended up spending most of my time tearing up buildings in Chicago and eating soldiers in Cleveland.  Lizzie, George, and Ralph have appeared in several sequels through the years, but the original still holds up well today.  Watch out for the gratuitous nudity at the end!

Twin Cobra

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Longtime readers will recall the above referenced article, in which I explained the "nostalgia goggle" effect.  I don't have strong memories of playing Twin Cobra as a kid, so playing it today is somewhat underwhelming.  The fact that the game is really challenging doesn't help, either (and I suck at it, so pardon the horrible skill shown in the video).  Still, Twin Cobra is a co-op sequel to Tiger Heli, which is a pretty good pedigree.  It's a very solid shooter experience, and one that you'll definitely want to bring a friend in on.