50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
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A few More Grains through the Hour Glass, Blood on the Sand Delayed?

Ok, so a red carpet interview with the likes of video game bloggers might not be the most accurate form of information, but it does appear like rapstar 50 Cent knows what he's talking about in realtion to his game.  After being grilled about the upcoming sequel, he's asked about the release date.  Originally expected in early January, it now appears to have a late February 2009 release date.  

The upcoming game is set to feature 2 player co-op in drop-in/drop-out fashion and by all accounts is a big improvement over the previous title.  In fact, give the video interview a watch to hear those exact words come out of 50's mouth.

Click the "Read More" link to see a video clip of 50 Cent dishing the details. 


50 Cent 'Spike VGAs 2008 Interview'

Delays usually mean "more attention paid" to the product, whether for a complete overhaul or extra polish. The fact that THQ is slightly pushing the release toward the end of the first quarter in 2009 is a good sign, and I'm more than slightly eager to see how Blood on the Sand plays.


Source: Gamevideos.1up.com

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