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Final Fight and 1943 Join Capcom Arcade on iOS, Co-Op Included

The free to play Capcom Arcade App on iOS has gotten an update and included with it is two brand new classic games that feature co-op multiplayer.  Final Fight, the side scrolling beat em up has been added and features two player local co-op via Bluetooth.  Another game added to the library is 1943, the classic SHMUP also features two player co-op vide bluetooth.  To gain access to either game simply download or update to the latest version of the app.

Capcom Arcade is a free app, but it utilizes in app purchases and ads to support it.  Each day you are given a certain amount of tokens used to play games.  Once they run out you can purchase more tokens (about 400 cost $1) or purchase permanent access to any of the arcade cabinets for $0.99. 

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