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Leaked Images Show Battlefield 3's Social Network - the Battlelog

In probably the most realistic way ever conceived, a video game will emulate reality this October 25th. The Battlelog - a social site for Battlefield players - will be available alongside Battlefield 3. News feeds, instant chat, voice chat, stat tracking, and much more will be at your fingertips.

Just like real-life soldiers who use social networking sites to stay linked up during downtime, your virtual warrior can keep in contact with like-minded players. It will even let you jump straight to a game that your friends are in (applicable to PC players only, obviously).

Aside from being totally cool and just screaming for a mobile app version, the Battlelog flies in the face of Call of Duty Elite, which is currently in beta. The German Battlefield site prematurely posted official images, which we've posted in the gallery below.


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