The Baconing

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign
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New Trailer for The Baconing is as Ridiculous as You'd Expect

That's a sexy leprechaun?

The story of Deathspank comes to and end(?) with The Baconing.  If you've been following this series at all, you know just how silly these games can get.  Silly enough to title the third installment "The Baconing?"  Yes, sir.  The plot is inconsequential.  All you need to know is that a group of goofy characters will come together for some light dungeon crawling and groan inducing, hit or miss humor. This trailer showcases some of these new characters.  In true Deathspank fashion, they're worth a chuckle or an eye roll.  

The Baconing will be out on August 30th for the PSN, and the 31st for the XBLA, PC, and Mac.  The title supports two player local co-op.

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