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Ity. You Saints.

Saints Row: The Third

As a series I have mixed feelings about Saints Row.  On a positive note the second game had some excellent co-op play allowing two players to work their way through the campaign and the side missions as a pair.  The character models and various outfits were a joy to try out.  Saints Row: The Third is looking to take these elements and improve on them even further; bigger, better, more insane.

However, having had some hands on time with the game many of the negative aspects of the previous games are back; the OTT swearing and sexualization of characters.  On occasion the game borders on the crass, undermining an otherwise excellent co-op experience.

On a more basic level the game feels and looks better.  The vehicles are far easier to handle and the gunplay is a little cleaner.  Moving around and finding missions or side quests is as simple as in Saints Row 2, so co-op fans should be in for a lot of crazy two player action.  I managed to play a classic style ‘insurance scam’ mission; the physics and character models felt a lot more stable this time.

From the crowds gathering around the many demo pods of the game it is clear that Saints Row: The Third should be the most popular in the series yet.  I for one am planning to overlook the base humor so that I can enjoy the elements of quality gaming that work.

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