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Rare Silver Skylanders Appear - Gotta Collect Them All?

Activision have released a limited number of rare silver Skylanders onto shelves

The line between toys and computer games has been well and truly blurred with the arrival of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure.  There are loads of the little heroes to buy in toy stores.  To add to the woes of compulsive collectors everywhere, Activision have gone and released a limited number of rare silver Skylanders into the wild - can you find one?

These rare toys are easy to spot, as the Skylanders have clear packaging.  Although the models are silver, their in game facsimile will unfortunately be the same as the ordinary model.  With little in-game value attached to the silver colouring, these rare models could be seen as a simple ploy by Activision to target the collectors market.  Perhaps the Silvers will hold more value if they remain in their packaging?

In other news, I have opened a spray paint factory and will silverise anything you want for the low cost of $4.


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