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Iron Brigade: Rise of the Martian Bear's Menacing New Trailer

Double Fine's excellent Iron Brigade is getting some stellar DLC.  "Rise of the Martian Bear" will take the fight to the Red Planet, where players will be challenged with new enemy designs and levels.   The video also gives us a quick glimpse of some new stylish paint jobs for your mobile Trench, as well as fresh outfits for your soldier.

I hope this becomes a trend for Iron Brigade. I'd like to see a Mercurial Wombat, a Venusian Fox, a Jovian Liona Saturnian Giraffe, a Uranian Wolf (I took the high road, you make your own stupid joke), a Neptunian Dolphin, and finally; I'd like the Plutonian Dragon DLC to be canceled after 76 years of development.  Make it happen, Double Fine.  

The "Rise of the Martian Bear" DLC doesn't have a release date, yet.  We hope to see it soon.  Iron Brigade is available now through the XBLA.  It supports four player online co-op.



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