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Diablo 3 Beta Closes May 1st, Exclusive Items Available via Web
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Diablo 3 Beta Closes May 1st, Exclusive Items Available via Web

The Diablo 3 beta, which has been running for over 6 months now, is drawing to a close.  On May 1st the Beta forums and servers will go offline and characters will be reset as Blizzard prepares for the game's May 15th release date.  The lengthy beta for the game has yielded some interesting changes including class and crafting tweaks and of course plenty of technical issues being resolved.  Could we see one of the smoothest PC launches in history?

As we build up to Diablo 3's release, a little less than a month away, Blizzard is kicking up the hype machine.  The official website is offering up character focuses each with their own set of rewards which are redeemable in game.  

So far the Demon Hunter, Barbarian and the Monk have been on display - each with their own banner and sigil to create and customize.  By doing so you'll unlock the sigil for use in the game.  There's also an art contest with PC hardware as prizes available.

Diablo 3 is out on the PC on May 15th and features four player online co-op.  We're almost there people...almost there.  It's been a long 80 plus article journey.

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