Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

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Cheap Co-Op Games Alert: Scott Pilgrim, Outland and Castle Crashers

There's a handful of game sales going on this week, the first of which is occurring over on the PlayStation Network for Ubisoft titles.  Included in that sale are co-op games Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Outland.  PlayStation Plus members can get those games for 50% off - or $4.89.  Everyone else can get it for 30% off - or $6.99.  Scott Pilgrim features 4 player local co-op while Outland features two player online co-op.

If PlayStation isn't your thing, the Xbox is having a sale as well.  The classic co-op game Castle Crashers is 50% off this week making it just 600 .  It features four player local and/or online co-op play with combo co-op support.

All these sales end on the 21st. of May.


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