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Amazon Cyber Monday Deals Feature 400 PC Titles, Plenty of Console Too

Plenty of ways to save for both PC and Console Gamers

Amazon is loading up for Cyber Monday - and if you're a PC gamer there are over 400 titles on sale including Borderlands 2 for $30, Civilization V with Expansion for $20, and  the Mass Effect Trilogy for $30.  Other titles like Dungeon Defenders, PayDay: The Heist, and Trine can be had for under $5.  There's even DLC for games like Saints Row: The Third for under $2 - normally priced $6.

The full list of PC titles on sale including many Amazon exclusive bundles can be found right here.

For console gamers there's a lot on sale too.  Here's what I spy in terms of co-op deals.

Resident Evil 6 - $40
Dead Rising 2: Off the Record - $15
LEGO Batman 2 - $15
Epic Mickey 2 (Wii) - $30

Upcoming lightning deals include Halo 4 with $20 Instant Credit and $10 video credit, a PlayStation Vita, Dance Central 3 and more.  You can check out those deals right here.

I'd also like to point out the truly excellent turn based strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown is on sale for $25. We reviewed it over here in our Beyond Co-Op Reviews..


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