by bapenguin

Will We Ever Get a Rainbow Six Vegas Sequel?

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was released over 8 years ago, and many consider it one of the finest examples of tactical co-op action. Some consider the game the best online casino game, or rather, a game set in a casino. But the recent release of Rainbow Six Siege has fueled the fire for another, proper, Rainbow Six title. And while it may have scratched that cooperative itch with its terrorist hunt mode, lacking a proper story made it a lower barrier to entry.

What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas...
This is your last chance to rescue America's sexiest city from an escalating terrorist siege. You can play as Bishop, a new member of the Rainbow squad who is soaring through the ranks. Or you can customize your character with experience points earned in both single-player and multiplayer. 

That character customization, including the crazy "import your face feature" also helped make the game extremely popular. While today having a myriad of skin, model, and customization options for a cooperative game isn't out of place, almost 10 years ago this was a feature that really went above and beyond.

By most estimate Rainbow Six Vegas 2 has sold over 6 million copies across the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. One of the most popular and successful games in the franchise. Rainbow Six Siege on the other hand has an estimate just over 3 million copies sold to date (though the waters are muddied a bit thanks to online digital sales). 

So will we ever see a Rainbow Six Vegas 3? Perhaps at the very least taking place in USA casinos online? You know, a squad of five elite field agents, playing poker sitting around their computers with their left hand and shooting terrorists in the face with the right. Or maybe it's time to take things to the Atlantic City boardwalk, that could prove to be an interesting backdrop for a Rainbow Six story. Either way, we want a proper Rainbow Six game. Bring it on.


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