by biohzrd451

Had to Dismantle the 360


Well last week marked the beginning of my 360 having trouble reading games. It started when I tried to play Red Alert 3 and my 360 refused to read the disc constantly saying "Open Tray". Frustrated last night after not being able to watch a DVD I took to the internet to look up guides for taking apart a 360 to get to the DVD drive to clean the lens and the spindle (Which turned out to be the problem). 
Anyway long story short I got it taken apart fixed the issue and got my 360 working again, however now when i open the tray the 360 likes to close it again by itself after like 5-6 seconds which really is about the time frame it takes me to swap discs anyway.
It was a long battle getting the stupid case off but well worth the savings of not having to buy another 360 at least for awhile.
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