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The 21st Century Boost Of Retro Gaming With Analogue Consoles

It is generally agreed that the Internet is one of the greatest inventions of all history of mankind. You can have everything at your fingertips at the click of a button only. Whatever information you need, whether you want to communicate with someone who lives across the globe, buy the stuff you need online. You can do basically anything you want. There’s one exception though and that one is related to video games.

Going back in the past

People spend a lot of time playing video games and due to this crave they have for this “sport”, companies operating in the video gaming industry are constantly looking for ways to improve the existing games like “Monster Hunt: World” or “Dragon Ball”. This is why whenever a generation of video games has decided to move forward and newer and better operating systems and consoles appear, games that once sold thousands or even millions of copies are prone to be lost forever. But this is how the retro-gaming trend has managed to make its way through over the years. The main goal here is to preserve and conserve important pieces of pop culture.

Retro gaming – is it new or not?

Retro gaming refers to video games people used to play several years ago, games that can no longer be played today on the high performance consoles available on the marketplace. While these video games are old, they are redesigned and adapted to be played on high quality retro consoles, which is quite impressive! It is for sure that nostalgic gamers will immediately want to try them in order to relieve their childhood years, but this time playing a higher definition version of the oldies but goldies games.

Who are those people selling HQ retro video games?

Christopher Taber is the founder of Analogue, a popular US company, also known under the name of “Leica of the retro video games”. He decided to sell for start only two devices: the Super Nt and the Nt mini, but both of them come with stunning HQ, thus trying to recreate that accurate experience gamers had when they originally played the game.

How did all start?

The company was found back in 2011, when Taber was still in his college days in Montana. His passion for lost releases made him want to start Analogue. He was absolutely fascinated by game arcades released by Neo Geo, but he knew that in order to play them he actually had to purchase a commercial arcade cabinet, which was pretty expensive. He then decided to come up with a handier option – redesigning the motherboards that existed in the original system and encase that redesigned system in a console kit. He says that the challenge in this project was the attention to details he and his colleagues had to consider.

Challenges encountered and what’s coming up next

According to Taber, probably the biggest challenge he and his team have now is to compete against the two consoles that Nintendo released:

NES Classic

Super NES Classic

Although the quality of the Nintendo products were not even closer to the one Analogue provided, these products still generated Taber’s company some trouble. However, Taber claims that his plans are big and he intends to bring back to life every forgotten console that was released:

Atari Jaguar


Sega Genesis and Sega Saturn


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