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Black Desert. Future Plans For The Video Game

At the Black Desert FESTA, plans on the development of Black Desert Online for effective gameplay were highlighted by Pearl Abyss and the lead producer, JaeHee Kim. Kim ignited discussions on the current situation of Back Desert and how players can benefit from the new developments. There are different updates and future plans, in Black Desert Online, where some are work in progress and they include:

Decreasing the size of the game

Pearl Abyss has reduced the size of Black Desert from 51G to 27G which aims to optimize how the game plays. This will increase the user experience and offer a better chance for the players to enjoy themselves when playing the Black Desert Online video game.

Damage Numbers

It is set to hide the damage numbers when playing the Black Desert on your PC. Players will not be able to view the numbers as they will be hidden when playing the game. The aim is to make them direct their focus on the action rather than the numbers. For the mobile players, they have to settle for the damage numbers showing on the screen of the Black Desert game as they will need to confirm that the skills they have set are working.

Introduction of new servers for underage players

New experiences will not be rare on the Black Desert character creation. There will be new servers starting from 21st December 2017 which will be rolled out for underage players, from 15 years. This is aimed at bringing everyone onboard when it comes to enjoying Black Desert classes for all. Even though the servers will be separate from the adult servers, the underage can switch to the adult servers once they attain the age requirement.

Improved documentation of patch notes

In his effort, to highlight some of the issues that are undocumented in the Black Desert map, Kim was able to touch on the mistakes the devs make during those changes. The mistakes can prove to be worrisome for the players as Black Desert is infested with bugs. In that effort, this has been brought to the attention of Pearl Abyss which has resulted in more focus being given to the documentation of the patch notes. This is set out to fix the mistakes of leaving out some details when documenting various changes and features in Black Desert for smooth play.

Reworking of gathering and training

In an effort to make Black Desert classes simple and enjoyable for beginners to learn and master the skills, Pearl Abyss looks to rework gathering and training plus tutorials. This means that players will be able to gather multiple mini-games, which will be simple. Also, the training reworks will add value to how well you perform in your next encounter. The reworking of tutorials will revamp a player’s experience in dealing with situations as they come.

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