Taxes in Diablo 3

There are a lot of bloggers running around like chickens with their heads cut off (myself included), trying to come up with ways to make real money/gold playing Diablo 3 before the game is even released. Let's take a chill pill for a moment, slow things down, and think about the reality of this new game within a game.

To begin this new conversation, what about Taxes in Diablo? At the end of the year, I pay a massive amount of money to taxes for my earnings at The Traffic Blogger and especially Just My Two Copper. You can bet your house that the government will want a percentage of your Diablo 3 earnings. Even if you're making a grand over the course of the entire year, the government is going to want $300 out of those $1000 by the time all is said and done between government, state, etc. Is this fair? Should the government be able to tax this? Technically yes, but the discussion gets better with this next statement...

Should you be able to write off money you spend bettering your character or buying supplies for the purpose of earning real money on the Diablo 3 auction house; or perhaps exploiting it to your hearts content? I can guarantee you that it will be difficult to declare these and I foresee lawsuits springing up depending on how much money some people can make in the game. You may never reach high amounts, but I bet that people like this pro multiboxer could make insane amounts of money.

So should these players who make, dare I say, thousands of dollars a year playing Diablo 3 not be allowed to declare the expenses of their online businesses? Can't I declare all those bones I purchased for crafting purposes or all those weapons I bought to salvage as expenses?

I'll be tracking everything I spend on the Diablo 3 Real Money Auction House that relates to earning gold in the game. Better gear, weapons, supplies for artisans, leveling artisans, etc.

How about a percentage of your internet costs? Monitors? Computer repair? A new shiny mouse? Quite a bit could be written off for tax purposes. Even gas used to acquire these things could be written off. What about your purchase of the game?
It's a fun discussion, have at it and share you opinion. Right now all we have are questions and interesting analysis, but how is that any different from what everyone else is posting about?

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