by nadiahyeong

What We Need to See: Just Dance Co-Op


We like playing these games with friends, but what if they’re miles away?

Ever since the Wii was invented, we’ve been seeing simulated gaming make its way from out of the arcades and into our living rooms. Simulated gaming like Guitar Hero was transformed into a full-fledged band experience with Rock Band in 2007, and the fames Dance Dance Revolution series – a curious case, having been born to the PlayStation, and then migrated to arcades – also spawned Just Dance in 2009.

A revolutionary dancing game for the Wii, Just Dance was launched in the Vendome Mayfair, in one of the most exclusive areas in London. But while we all enjoy playing this game where we turn into actual dancers (with all the moves, even though we don’t necessarily look like dancers) by performing dance steps instead of just pressing buttons on a controller, and while we especially love being able to play the game from the comforts of our homes (no more embarrassing looks given as we attempt to pirouette or twerk), there’s really just something missing, isn’t there?

How about the option to play competitively or cooperatively with friends from all over the world? Right now, the systems in place for the Just Dance game allow two or more players to engage in a sort of dance off – but only if they’re all in the same room, using the same console or system. But what if, instead, you could challenge others from other parts of the world to a dance off? Imagine being able to see their virtual avatars strutting their stuff to the same beats, and seeing just how you compare to other would-be dancers!

This could mean the beginning of a whole new trend, of people organizing their own teams like they do for DotA 2 and Osu!, training for months to be able to challenge other teams from all over the world in what could essentially be virtual dance battles. Organizers of these dance battles could even team up with real dance crews and brands to promote their events, as there’s really only a fine line between playing Just Dance and just dancing. Opening up the world of Just Dance to remote competitive and cooperative play could do wonders for the gaming industry, and it just might be what Nintendo needs to be able to get back in the game.

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