by biohzrd451

Dead Island impressions so far.

Ok so most people around Co-optimus know me as the Left 4 Dead fiend, and for those of you who didn't well know you know I am a Left 4 Dead fiend hehe.


So I will not lie, coming out of the gate Dead Island was not high on my purchase list this year, but when I heard some of the hands on impressions from people at game shows it shot right to the top. Now I will start of by saying Dead Island has a steep learning curve, you can run in bats swinging at the zombie horde but more than likely you will end up dead before you can say zombie apocolypse. What I love about Dead Island is it requires a cruel strategy to really stick it to the rotting masses, for example last night me and Co-op Bob had a run in the resort Hotel when we reached the bottom level we were met with a garage full of zombies here is where we got tricky there were a set of double doors one of us would wait at the doors the other would walk into the room get the attention of the zombies and then briskly walk back to the doors, when we had say 3 or 4 zombies in the room the doors were closed and we proceeded to bet the ever loving piss out of them.


Dead Island is a beautiful game, I've probably clocked maybe 10hrs so far into the game and I am in love. It combines what I loved about Fallout and Left 4 Dead and puts it into one neat fun as hell to play package.


If you were one the fence on this one trust me take the leap and pick it up; It is worth every penny :D.

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