by silentstriderm

The $20 club.


The time has come, and I'm certain that I've finally lost my mind.  I've cancelled my Borderlands 2 pre-order.

Borderlands is no doubt my most anticipated game of the year, but more and more often I find it gets harder to swallow the $60 price tag of a new game.  Then it started to dawn on me, what's the harm in a six month wait?

Perhaps the toughest tempation to overcome is, once a new game comes out, seeing everyone on your friends list playing that title.  If there are people playing a co-op game, even ones I wasn't previously interested in, I always want to hop on and join them!

So I'm putting out a call to my fellow co-optibots!  Join me in what I like to call the Twenty Dollar Club!  The goal is to not only give our wallets a break, but to insure that there will be a group of people ready to play with you!

So, what do ya'll think?  At least a half price discount, a chance for developers to get patches out, and the cherry on top, a group to ply with once the price drops.

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