by vegetarian barbarian

Vegetarian Barbarian's Who am i?

Well, i found this site through, what else? Mindless quick googling, but I stayed becasue i like the dedication to not only online co-op, which im not a huge fan of, but couch (split-screen) coop, which i love to play. I also was in a search for a database on co-op games for every system. I've been coming to this site for a couple years now, but never sat down to do a profile. As for me, I build arcades and test them. Not as cool as you think though i dont make games and beta test ones you'd like (though i could).

With that being said i find it frustrating that there are so many games out there and that are coming out that are not couch co-op friendly. I love getting together with someone to play games. Much like at an arcade (where it all started out). My girlfriend of 5 years and i share the same interest in going to someones house and playing games with. Im not a huge fan of playing over the internet because i like being more personal, though i dont hate doing it. I just have more fun that way.

My favorite type of co-op is hack and slash. I do play any type though. I would love to play online with anyone, i just dont make an effort, nor do i have the time to find people to play online with.

Im about to tackle the new D&D for the ps3, despite not knowing if all the bugs are fixed. I play the xbox and ps3 mostly. Anyways, heres my add, and dont die.


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